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What We Bring To The Table

The craft beverage market includes beer, wine, spirits, cider, mead, kombucha, and coffee. In this market, labels and packaging are key factors that influence a consumer’s buying decision. Digital Impact has state of the art print and finishing capabilities along with extensive experience with beverage labeling. These allow us to offer solutions that promote your brand uniquely, giving your products a strong shelf presence in an extremely competitive retail environment.


Here are some of the applications that we frequently come across but we are not limited to the following.

Box/Packaging Printing

Shrink Sleeves

Retail Signage

Window Graphics

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Recent Works

Tobacco and Next Generation Products

Tobacco And Vaping Packaging | High-quality Paperboard Solutions

We understand the increasingly important role tobacco packaging plays in helping brands connect with consumers. For more than 20 years, Digital Impact has partnered with tobacco industry leaders. Our rich history of innovation, global footprint, product reliability and extensive supply network continue to differentiate us in the marketplace and make us the preferred supplier for the world’s best-known premium brands.
We are uniquely equipped to provide your customers with an elevated brand experience, from the quality of materials used to the look and feel of your product in their hand.


At Digital Impact, we stock solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard renowned for its quality and printability. Our paperboard, created specifically for tobacco applications, takes SBS engineering to the next level. With Digital Impact you improve your bottom line and make a brand statement with a pack that keeps its shape, opening after opening.

Quality and Consistency

Looking for assured lowest total costs and peace of mind? Our paperboard is engineered for optimal runnability—resulting in greater productivity, less downtime and reduced waste. Innovations like improved curl resistance add to these operational efficiencies and help maintain package integrity over time. A champion performer, Digital Impact has the preferred paperboard to run on the simplest and most advanced cigarette pack machinery.

Digital Impact’s unique fiber composition, smooth surface and structural advantages provide superior design flexibility, from hot stamping to embossing and varnishing. And Digital Impact delivers exceptional visual quality, making it the perfect partner for demanding printing and finishing techniques. Digital Impact is the perfect canvas to boost brand visibility.

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