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Influencer Kits & Advocacy Marketing

Influencer Custom Packaging

Create a memorable, branded experience for your customers.

Influencer Kits, or influence marketing, is a form of marketing that focuses on specific key individuals (or types of individual) rather than the target market as a whole. Think of it as a response to the changing social atmosphere and outlets available to people. Anyone with Wifi and well-utilized device (it doesn’t even have to be a computer in this mobile age) can reach millions via Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, whatever channel they prefer. Savvy businesses are trying to engage with these people in different ways to promote their products. This usually takes the form of influencer kits.

Influencer kits are a new take on a sales kit. Rather than specifically *sell* directly to a consumer, these kits are designed to appeal to a very specific market segment. They should include content that speaks to influencers and, by proxy, their audience.  Construction of the kit should also embody the brand. Typically, a cigar style box is used since it creates a kind of stage for the products. 

Digital Impact is dedicated to helping brands engage their customers with innovative Influencer product packaging. Award-Winning packaging manufacturer located in Pennsivania. 

Packaging can be used as a powerful touchpoint – an opportunity to create a branded experience around a product that helps to drive a purchase or reinforce customer loyalty.

Digital Impact offers a wide variety of brand packaging solutions that help bring your product to life – whether in a retail setting, at a special event, or delivered directly to your customers’ homes.

Looking for something traditional or unusual? Informative or fun? Mass-produced or personalized for a true one-to-one experience? We’ll help you develop a packaging solution that’s visually-engaging, functional, and designed for your budget.

Leverage your brand with stunning personalized packages that tell the world who you are. From a quantity of one to millions, our arsenal of print technologies offers you the ultimate solution.

Packaging is about first impressions.

Done well, it will enhance your product and create a ‘brand moment’ that is both memorable and impactful.


Here are some of the applications that we frequently come across but we are not limited to the following.


Lawn & Landscapes

Sports Equipment


Health & Beauty

Electronics & Auto Parts


Exercise Equipment

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