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The Rise of Influencer Packaging in Marketing

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Todays Influencer Landscape

Nowadays it seems that spending time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and YouTube has become a part of our daily routine. When you are scrolling through these apps on your phone, it’s likely you’ll see influencers, both big and small, promoting a product or service of some kind. While this could just be a genuine recommendation by the influencer, in most cases this is a paid promotion from a company to generate awareness and excitement for a product.

A Guide to Influencer Kits

What is Influencer Packaging?

Influencer product packages, sometimes referred to as “Influencer Kits”, are unique packages sent to an influencer and designed to help generate awareness for a brand and product. You can think of influencer kits as a new take on a sales kit. Rather than specifically *sell* directly to a consumer, these kits are designed to appeal to a very specific market segment.

They should include content that speaks to influencers and, by proxy, their audience. The construction of the kit should also embody the brand. Typically, a cigar-style box is used since it creates a kind of stage for the products.

Generate Awareness & Revenue

A Guide To Creating Great Influencer Kits

It is crucial to have your company’s branding prominently displayed and incorporated into your influencer kits. You want the influencer to know who the package is from immediately, and if they create content while unboxing your product, it is important their audience sees your branding as well.

Packaging made with strong, durable materials speaks to the quality of your company. Cheaply designed and created influencer kits can have a negative effect on the perception your company is looking to create. After all, your influencer kit packaging is the first impression they will get of your company, not the product; that comes after they open the kit.

While perhaps not always practical to create unique boxes for each individual influencer, it is important to personalize your packaging for your intended audience. At the bare minimum, include a personalized note, and if you can, include something unique to the influencer. Digital Impact can help design and create personalized packaging for your intended audience.

Creating an engaging unboxing process for your influencer kit will help deliver your intended message to the influencer. If there is one product that is in your kit that is more important than the others for your campaign goals, make sure that the product is featured in the package, not tucked away and hidden.

In Summary

The first step of creating a successful influencer kit is to make sure your packaging reflects your company’s branding and objectives, but it goes far beyond that. Businesses must consider who their intended audience is, develop a relationship with influencers, think about how they are going to open and receive the product, and finally share it with their amassed audience.

Here at Digital Impact, our team of experts can help you answer these questions, design a stellar influencer kit, and create product packaging on quality materials with industry-leading technology. If you have any questions or would like to get started today, give us a call or fill out our contact form. We are eager to get the opportunity to work together on something great!

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